The Foundation of Hardware Success Stories

Designer Apartment

One of the things I love most about what I do is meeting leaders and innovators in our industry. Today I was able to meet one such person from JMA Hardware. Jma are wholesaler dealing in Door Hardware, Partition hardware, letter boxes, stainless numbers and a variety of other commercial and residential merchandise. Situated in Brisbane but selling to all of Australia Jim at JMA has been in the industry for almost 2 decades. He has extensive knowledge and experience in installing the products he sells and manufactures. JMA also have the luxury of designing new products, and refining products at their customers whim which has lead to many improvements in the door hardware field.


The Future Looks Bright

Lack of high budget marketing and a close knit group of friends and clients keep JMA on the small side of medium sized businesses. However there has been continual 20% growth since inception and while they might not jump straight on the TV, Radio, Newspaper advertising bandwagon the word of mouth alone is going to not only keep this company afloat but ensure it’s success into the future. JMA currently has 7 employees a couple of which are part time, a book-keeper, and a locksmith.

Designer Apartment

Growth Potential

As online sales start to increase over the next 5 years I see JMA and it’s clients making a lot of money in the online space. With little competition at the moment, online hardware is just a pipe dream. However as our Y-Generation starts to lead the property maintenance and building industry so to will online hardware sales start to flourish. In December 2013 there was a 400% increase in online sales from the previous year, and selling over 1.7 billion dollars in sales in Australia alone.


Online Hardware Stores

If you’re looking for someone to invest in, keep an eye out in the years to come. I dare say this is one business I would stick my life savings into, or my daughters university savings at least. If you’re looking to purchase online hardware and in need of Door stops, hinges, pull handles, cabinet handles, transom closers, door closers, letterboxes or stainless house numbers then look no further as this is one of the most extensive stores I’ve seen with well over 1000 products.